FIBRE 1000

ICTOne’s FIBRE 1000 is an enterprise-grade solution for businesses. It offers flexibility, reliability, and more speed to your NBN connection.

Tailored to your business and its specified needs, you can choose to dedicate the whole 1000 Mbps to your internet service or split the service through data, voice, cloud, and/or internet services.

Future proof your Australian business or organisation with our FIBRE 1000 package that accommodates all your needs in one simple internet service.

Benefits of FIBRE 1000 at ICTOne


Providing flexible and dynamic access to TPGs core range of products.


Allocate your entire 1000 Mbps connectivity to a single service – such as unlimited internet – or split it up to a maximum of 4 products.

Superior Reliability

Delivered on TPG’s enterprise-grade metro fibre network, FIBRE1000 comes with a 99.95% service availability guarantee backed by a 24/7 business support team.

Contract Options

24, 36 and 48 Months

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