Emergency Lift Phones

Emergency Lift Phones

Our certified emergency lift phone service provides a safe, reliable and longevous solution that meets Australian Standards guaranteeing 24/7 monitoring. Your communications can be migrated without interruption and continue to function even in case of a black out.  

Migrating to the NBN: What You Need to Know?

The NBN™ (National Broadband Network) is the new landline and internet network in Australia. It’s replacing copper wires and cable broadband with optical fibre and other technologies which will affect the operation of the services like the Lift Emergency Phones, Fire Alarm Panels in various buildings in Australia.Therefore, Lift Phone requirements Australia is a legal requirement and it is important to have a lift that meets the safety standards set by Australian Standards. We provide the right NBN lift phone solution.

Having emergency lift phones is a safety-critical service and there are serious public safety or personal injury risks if the lift phones fail to operate in an emergency situation. It’s important to know that migration of these services to alternative telecommunications networks does not happen by default.   

If you are responsible for lift phone operations, you might need to get in touch with your lift service provider to implement the migration of your services. It’s vital to know that in case if your equipment is connected through the NBN, it will stop working during a power failure.

 So, having your regular phone and internet services migrated to the NBN, doesn’t make your emergency lift phone service migrated as well. Therefore, you’ll need an alternative backup power source.  

Contact ictOne to identify whether your device will work when connected to the NBN™ network and what alternative solutions are available if it does not.

4G Wireless Connection for Lift Emergency Phones

4g Lift Phone




Wireless communication gateway

Dual SIM gateway built for buildings in NBNTM network areas or similar. Configured with two independent SIM cards provided by two independent network service carriers. This ensures that if one network 
is down the secondary SIM card will operate in its place.

Lift Phones Australia


Wireless communication gateway

Built for home lifts or non-commercial buildings. Configured with a single SIM card to dial out in the event of an emergency or when a person is in need of assistance.

Order your new wireless emergency telephone by filling out the form below and we will guarantee your safe and smooth migration to the nbn™.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our building is going to be connected to the NBN™ network. What should I do?

    You may need to upgrade your lift’s emergency phone to make sure passengers can contact the call centre at any time about a breakdown, even in a power failure. This will depend on the type of service you are being supplied; see the above point.

  2. How will the NBN affect my lift?

    Unlike the previous copper network, the NBN does not guarantee continuity of service during a power outage. In many cases, existing infrastructure for lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones can no longer be relied upon in such situations once the NBN has been connected.

  3. What do I need to do to prepare for NBN?

    Visit the NBN Co Fire and Lift Register and register your lift emergency phone.
    This will ensure that NBN Co is aware that your phone line is being used as a lift emergency phone and that NBN Co will provide only a temporary deferral of the disconnection date. Do I need to change my current lift emergency phone?

  4. Do I need to change my current lift emergency phone?

    In most cases, existing lift emergency phones will not operate reliably in NBN connected premises. Contact Ictone to discuss the requirements of lifts in your building or refer to the Department of Communications Migration Guide.

  5. How long do I have until I need to update my lift emergency phone?

    Provided your Device has been registered with NBN, NBN Co will allow a transition period of 18months from the time of NBN connection to the disconnection of the copper network. 
    For lift emergency phones, which have been registered with NBN Co, an extension period will be granted until July 2017, or 18 months after NBN connection (whichever is the latter). 

  6. What happens if I do not register my Device?

    Disconnection from the copper network will take place automatically once the NBN completes its installation. So, if your building is already connected to the NBN™ then the chances are that your lift phone has been migrated to the NBN™ fibre and as such will not operate in the event of a power failure. If your emergency telecommunication systems are working, it may be because the existing copper-based public switched telephone network (PSTN) is yet to be disconnected. In such a case the risk remains that your emergency telecommunication systems will no longer work when the PSTN is disconnected. 

  7. Why do I need to upgrade my emergency telephone?

    The telephone is an integral part of your lift’s safety system which allows trapped passengers to call for help. The emergency telephone must be operational at all times, even in a power outage. 
    While the existing PSTN line usually works during a power outage due to telephone exchanges having their own backup power, the NBN™ network uses fibre optic technology in parts of the network, which cannot carry power. Therefore, many buildings will no longer have a landline that works during a power outage. 
    FTTB, FTTN or HFC type connections, will not work in the event of power failure anywhere along the line. To ensure the lift’s passengers can call for help to our 24/7 call centre, it is imperative buildings which receive these connection types upgrade their lift’s emergency telephone system. Not doing so could be a breach of your obligations under workplace health and safety legislation. NBN recommends that you should consider keeping a charged mobile phone in case there is a power outage of any sort. (Inside a Lift – mobile phones may not work in the event of a power failure in a building) 

  8. When do I need to upgrade my lift’s emergency telephone? 

    Act NOW – We recommend that upgrade your lift’s emergency telephone system at any time prior to migrating to the NBN™ network. In that way, you will not need to register add an additional NBN fibre connection and organise the changeover or a new subscription with a Retail Service Provider (RSP) 

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